the invisible visible

For almost 100 years, Wacker Chemie AG has been supplying a wide variety of raw materials and additives to the construction industry. Time for an image campaign. Online, of course.


Small Add-ons

Chemistry plays an integral role in the construction of our built environment, from paints, tile adhesives, plasters, coatings, or concrete. Its presence vastly enhances a building's durability and efficiency, saving renovation cycles and resources while decreasing costs. Often, however, its share in the end product is low. A new campaign sets out to showcase WACKER products' effects in striking visuals that appeal to laypeople and technical detail useful for experts alike.

Curating and Creating

The videos were skillfully curated from mainly existing material to create an engaging and targeted message that connected with different target audiences. These included trend topics, market data, and technical product information. Excerpts from the videos served as posts for Linkedin and Twitter, where the campaign generated above-average organic reach.

In the Big Picture

An important goal was to present WACKER's overall competence in the construction sector. The "City of the Future" landing page provides the functionality. From there, readers can jump to the topic of their choice: infrastructure, building construction, facade coatings, and interiors. Short videos highlight the topics.