If you don't just want to talk prices, you also have to talk values. Or rather: mindsets. What is your position on sustainability? Justice? Your suppliers? What is the added value provided by your products or services? Those who evade this discussion abandon themselves to comparability and ultimately interchangeability. At the same time, mindsets do not have to be invented at all. They are already there, as the very basis of your actions. Perceiving, questioning and formulating them is a challenge, but one that can be accomplished. We will guide you along the way.

Corporate Design

Corporate design Brand management is changing. With it, the requirements for corporate design, which is now fluid or even socially defined, are changing. We will help you find, implement and develop your visual identity.

Our experience: Development and mentoring of visual identities, corporate design style guides and brand portals

Back to a strong brand. After decades of diversification, PFEIFER, a company rich in tradition, is returning to its one-brand strategy. The corporate design gives expression to this and points the way to the future.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is also corporate management. This is why guiding principles, values and active communication are of particular importance here. This is reinforced by increasing transparency. Today, stakeholders can easily check whether a company or brand is actually translating its image into action.

Our experience: Corporate websites, business reports, shareholders' meetings, sustainability communications, internal communications

Employer Branding & HR Marketing

When positions are difficult to fill, the "war for talent" is often cited as the reason. As if it were set that all companies have to compete for the same applicants. But: Is your company really interchangeable? Isn't your team something special? In our experience, successful HR communication begins with an honest questioning of one's own expectations, strengths and opportunities. Who do we really need? Who can we reach? How do we find the best match from this intersection?

Our experience: Employer brand development and communication, recruitment campaigns