Trade-Fairs / Print

Each medium has its charm, its place, its function. We don't rule anything out from the start. Because even an old-fashioned postcard can convey some things better than, for example, a tweet.

Fairs and Exhibitions

Media changes. People don't. The pandemic has shown that many meetings work well or even better virtually. But not all. And not always. People want to meet and share experiences. We help you create a stage for that.

Our experience: exhibition stands, exhibition communication, exhibitions, Augmented Reality"

Shareholders who are not interested in a quick profit want to be fascinated in the long term. An important step: the annual general meeting, which makes WACKER and its performance tangible.


90% of communication media are digital today. But if you - like us - aim for 100%, it's worth considering print as well.

Our experience: catalog design, product documentation, annual reports, mailings, image brochures, calendars"

In not all industries, purely digital product catalogs meet all customer needs. That's why Hueber catalogs are printed in partial editions. The contents are generated directly from PIM to 95%.